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25 Days of Little Flyers: Day 7 Oliver Arnberg

12/07/2016, 11:45am EST
By Anthony Lorusso

Swedish Meatballs, Kevin McCallister, Going to California and more

Each day from now until Christmas we will sit down and talk to a player from the Little Flyers Eastern Hockey League Junior Team to discuss the holiday season.  On day seven we talked to forward #9 Oliver Arnberg

  1.  Favorite thing about Christmas? : "The Christmas feeling, the decorations, the trees, the food and the snow, I like it all”
  2. Favorite Christmas tradition growing up as a kid? Opening up presents on Christmas and watching the Swedish classic Donald Duck Show on Swedish Television
  3. What are you looking forward to most this holiday season?  I’m going to California this year to meet up with some friends so we are going to celebrate Christmas over there in Los Angeles”
  4. Favorite Christmas Food?  Swedish Meatballs” 
  5. Favorite Christmas Movie?  The Home Alone Movies”
  6. Favorite Christmas Song?  Feliz Navidad”
  7. Most Memorable Christmas? So one year everyone was at Christmas like my whole family aunts, uncles, cousins, everybody and Santa came.  He comes into the living room and said he was really thirsty so one of the adults in my family gave him a drink with liquor in it and he kept drinking it and drinking it.  When it was time to hand out the presents he couldn’t even read the names on the gifts to give to people.  We all still laugh about it now, it was so funny”
  8. Best gift you’ve ever received? Hockey Sticks”
  9. Worst gift you’ve ever received? A Pair of Socks”
  10. Do you shop early or last minute? I’m a last minute person”
  11. Hardest person in your family to shop for? My sister, she never knows what she wants”
  12. If you had to pick either Kevin McCallister from Home Alone or Ralphie from a Christmas story to play on your line who would it be? “Kevin McCallister”
  13. Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog? “Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream”
  14.  If you could get one gift this year what would it be? “Get some money for my trip to California”

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