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West Chester, PA -- Thanksgiving weekend has always meant family, food, and football but the U19 women have redefined the weekend by adding a Hockey Tournament Championship to the mix.  The journey started Friday with a match up against the PHC Belles.  The girls started out slow as it took some time to skate the fog of a Thanksgiving overindulgence out of their legs but eventually a pass from Katrina Conway set up Eve Hill for the first goal of the day.  A few minutes later Lexi Poulin got the puck to Kaila Booth for the second goal of the game.  Inspired play by Poulin continued when she got the puck to Bonnie Mundy for a goal to end the first period with a 3 goal lead.  The second period showed our girls still had some kinks to work through when they let the Belles get a shot past Sydney Babin late in the second.  Poulin’s hot streak was not over and she led the team getting back on the scoreboard with her first goal of the tournament when she put an unassisted goal to end the second with the 4-1 lead.  The girls keep the momentum going early in the 3rd when Eve Hill and Avari Hahn assisted Poulin for yet another goal in the game.  The final score was 5-1 over the PHC Belles and then it was time to face the Lady Patriots.

Lexi Poulin started off the scoring against the Lady Patriots with an unassisted goal early in the 1st period.  The Patriots held their own afterwards and it took another 23 minutes of hockey for Poulin to get the Little Flyers on the scoresheet again with an assist to Jenna Calchi late in the second period.  Both Calchi and Poulin switched roles early in the 3rd period when Calchi assisted Poulin for the 3rd goal of the game.  Both teams kept playing hard and late in the 3rd Samantha Roberts got Guin Donovan the puck and she scored the final goal of the game and a 4-0 win.

Every tournament seems to have a dark horse team and this one was not different.  Our girls did their best to prepare for the final game of Round Robin play against the Islanders.  Not a lot was known about them other than they lost a close game to one of the better teams in the tournament.  As the first period was drawing to an end, we all understood why the game was close.  The Islanders had a solid defensive scheme and a goalie on a hot streak.  Our girls played 90% of the first period in the Islanders end and with only 40 seconds remaining, Avari Hahn got the puck to Jenna Calchi who got the puck to none other than Lexi Poulin to score the first goal.  Coaches Ken, Katie, and Laura kept our girls loose on the bench and everyone worked hard for another goal.  The insurance goal came in the 2nd period in what could have made a highlight real when Morgan Daly and Charlotte Labre made two quick passes to Kaila Booth who found the back of the net from just outside the crease with a one timer.  Our girls kept the offensive pressure on but with less than two minutes left in the 3rd a shot from Islanders player, Megan Stake, took a weird ricochet into the back of Sydney Babin’s net.  This really turned up the heat on the Little Flyers as the Islander’s put an extra attacker on the ice for the closing seconds of the game.  However, the final buzzer sounded to end the game (2-1) and the girls finished in the top seed for the semifinal’s that evening against the Lady Patriots.

In the semi-final round, it was important for our girls keep focus on the Lady Patriots and play them hard.  Even though our girls had just beaten them on the opening day of the Tournament, the Patriots showed significant spirit and improvement since the earlier matches in the season.  Coach Deming was up to the challenge and our girls defeated the Lady Patriots 5-0.  Points were scored by Evelyn Pryadkin 2G1A, Samantha Roberts 1G, Michelle Radov 1G, Kaila Booth 1G, Maggie Danchak 1A, Eve Hill 1A, Bonnie Mundy 2A, and Katrina Conway 1A.  Now it was onto the Finals against cross town rival JR Flyers.

The finals of any tournament are especially difficult because fatigue helps even the slightest of injuries play a factor in the players performance.  This Final was no different.  From the first puck drop to the final OT buzzer the game momentum swung back and forth.  The JR Flyers got on the score board first when they took advantage of a mental lapse in our defensive zone with only 10 seconds left in the 1st period.  Our girls regained focus and lifted spirits in the middle of the 2nd period when veteran players Morgan Daly and Kaila Booth got the puck to the hot hand of Lexi Poulin for the tying goal.  The two teams continued to trade chances back and forth but neither team could find the net before the 2nd period buzzer sounded 1-1.  The start of the third looked like a soul crusher when the JR Flyers again took advantage of a defensive zone mental lapse and hammered in their second goal only 45 seconds into the start of 3rd period play.  Coaches Deming and Kate pulled the girls together and they pressed hard for their chance to tie the game when Michelle Radov and Eve Hill brought hope back when they combined to get the puck the Avari Hahn forth tying goal (2-2).  Both teams fought to score until the buzzer sounded ending regulation time.  Nothing says ‘nail biter’ like overtime!  Parents from both sides were biting their nails to the quicks. 

OT started the beginning of 4vs4 play to determine the winner of the tournament.  After a brief intermission where the players rested, and the coaches strategized how to organize lines for the perfect balance of offensive pressure and defensive skill, the overtime puck dropped.  Little Flyers started Poulin, Booth, Mundy, and Babin.  The puck dropped and Poulin won the draw back.  With JR Flyers fighting Poulin for every inch, she got the puck to the near side center ice boards for Booth.  Booth skated the puck into the JR Flyers defensive zone with a lane to the net when she got mugged from behind to prevent and early end to Overtime.  No whistle could be heard but as the ref skated by me, I heard him say, “not in overtime”, indicating both teams were going to play through some stuff if they wanted to win.  Mundy was trailing the play and turned on her jets to get the loose puck from the crime scene that had Booth flat on her back at the top of the near side circle.  Mundy sent the puck to Poulin deep in the far corner and who then circled through the slot to the Blue line.  Poulin skated the puck out of the corner on an arc to the top of the slot while Booth quit laying down on the job and took up position on left side of crease.  So, with Mundy at blue line ready for a drop pass and Booth setting a screen in the crease, Poulin finds a shooting lane between two JR Flyer players and lets loose with a wrist shot from high in slot.  JR Flyer’s goalie, Katie O’Brien, was lined up perfectly for the save until Booth tipped the puck over her shoulder and into the net to end overtime, win the game, and win the 2021 Philadelphia Rush Tournament.  (I’d like to thank Lexi Poulin for significant contributions to this article.  She led the 19U division of the Tournament in points with a total of 6 goals and 4 assists.  By way of comparison second leading point scorer had 6 points in total.  Honorable mention goes to Kaila Booth who placed third in tournament with 5 points from 4 goals and 1 assist.)

U19: Little Flyers Take Gold in Buffalo

11/09/2021, 11:30am EST
By JBooth

(boothNov2021)-Our U19 women took the long trek up to Buffalo this past weekend to play in the Rush Hockey Inferno Tournament in what turned out to be some of the toughest match ups for our girls this season.  The marathon of games started Friday afternoon when we took on the hometown favorites Amherst Lady Knights. 

Right from the start of the game, our girls were showing the effect of the long trip with some sloppy play.  Our girls were disorganized and showing lots of individual effort.  The Lady Knights eventually took advantage of our lack of intensity and scored their first of 2 goals deep into the first period.  As disappointing as these goals were, it was enough to wake our girls up allowing them to channel the individual efforts into a team effort.  In the second period, Kaila Booth found Jenna Calchi low in the slot for the first goal which was like an alarm clock for our team, and everyone started to play together.  Later in the second, defensemen Katrina Conway and Morgan Daly teamed up to get Charlotte Labre the puck.  Charlotte ripped a rocket of a shot into the back of the net to tie the game at 2 goals each.  It was a sweet goal! In a bit of foreshadowing, both teams tightened up their play such that neither team was able to get a tie breaker in the net. 

Friday’s second game against the Rochester Edge illustrated more of what can happen when the girls play together to work the puck around the ice.  Lots of players made the scoresheet in the 6-0 shutout. Eve Hill 1G1A, Kaila Booth 3G, Lexi Poulin 3A, Morgan Daly 1G, Guin Donavan 1A, Jenna Calchi 1A, Katrina Conway 1A, and Avari Hahn 1G.

Saturday morning the girls showed they can play before noon when they soundly defeated the Naperville Sabres 6-1.  The girls worked the puck well together and the scoreboard showed it.  Everyone saw action including both netminders Sydney Babin and Lucy Fassler.  Making the scoresheet were Kaila Booth 1G1A, Lexi Poulin 2A, Michelle Radov 2G, Bonnie Mundy 2G1A, Avari Hahn 1A, Morgan Daly 2G, Eve Pryadkin 1A, Katrina Conway 1A, Maggie Danchak 1A, and Sam Roberts 1A.  Unfortunately, the girls seemed to have hit a wall in Saturday night’s game against Steel City.  Again, the individual efforts were evident but so was fatigue and lack of focus.  The final score of round robin play was 2-0 with Steel City looking like the team to beat for the tournament.  The girl’s effort was inconsistent but strong enough to make the semifinal game on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning schedule had us schedule for a rematch against the play the Rochester Edge.  Rink side gossip let us know that the Rochester team was missing some of their best players during our first match up and they were going to be suited up for the rematch.  Our girls were confident, but they didn’t take them lightly.  The Edge girls showed early that they were a different team, and they came out playing hard.  Fortunately, Sydney Babin was able to turn away every shot she faced and then our offense woke up when Lexi Poulin got the puck to Jenna Calchi for the first goal of the game.  Then came a tidal wave of offense that overtook the girls from Rochester Edge such that they could not recover.  The final score was 6-0.  Making the scoresheet for the Little Flyers was Jenna Calchi 1G2A, Lexi Poulin 1G2A, Kaila Booth 1G, Sam Roberts 1G, Katrina Conway 1A, Eve Pryadkin 1G, Guin Donavan 1G1A, and Bonnie Mundy 1A.  The stage was set for a Sunday afternoon Finals of the Little Flyers verses the Amherst Lady Knights when the Knights beat the Steel City girls in the other semifinal game.

Our girls were feeling confident going into the final.  Our girls had a general sentiment that “we were still waking up on Friday so I think we can really take it to them today”.  What we didn’t know was the Amherst Lady Knights were thinking the same thing.  What resulted was a game with such intensity that not a fingernail was left unbitten.  Little Flyers fans were given an early disappointment when the Lady Knights took advantage of the slightest loss of focus and put the puck into the net for an early lead.  Coach Deming was able to help the girls calm their nerves and regain focus, but the Lady Knights were not letting up and the score at the end of the first period had us behind 1-0.  The second period showed two teams skillfully working the puck around the rink and both Sydney Babin and the Knight’s tender turned away shot after shot.  Then deep into the period, Eve Hill worked the puck in towards the slot and found the net to tie the game at 1 goal each.  The intensity was palpable going into the third period with the scoreboard showing 1-1.  Our girls were up to the challenge and showed they would not be denied when Katrina Conway got the puck to Kaila Booth for what turned out to be the winning goal.  Coach Deming commented afterwards, “hockey is a game where everybody makes mistakes but when the girls supported each other nobody could stop them…”. 

Aston, PA -- This past weekend our U19 Little Flyers had back to back home games.  On Saturday Night the University of Delaware women came to Iceworks for a non-league game.  This game can be described as the best performance so far this season.  The first period saw the women from both teams flying around the rink trying to take advantage of every opportunity.  By the time the buzzer sounded the end of the first period the score board reflected even play and even results.  The second period was a different story as the energy of youth certainly showed and our girls took a command of the of the game and Michelle Radov managed to get the puck into the back of the net at the end of the second.  The play in the third period had our girls continue to show an advantage but late in the period a dump and chase play from UofD saw the puck grow eyes and it snuck into the net for what turned out to be the last goal on the game (1-1 final).  Both teams came ready to play and made for an exciting game to watch.

Sunday night was a different story when the Belles came to Aston for the third MAWHA league game of the year.  Our Little Flyers controlled the game early, middle, and late.  Our girls put 61 shots on net with 11 goals.  Leading the team in points was Kaila Booth with her first Hat Trick of season and 1 assist.  Also making onto the scoresheet was Bonnie Mundy with 2 goal and 1 assist.  Charlotte Labre and Maggie Danchak had 2 goals each.  Lexi Poulin had 1 goal and 2 assists.  Morgan Daly also had 1 goal.  Jenna Calchi and Eve Hill each had an assist.  This game moves the girls to 3-0 in league play so far this year.  They next take to the Ice this coming Saturday against Piedmont Predators in Virginia.